THE JUNK Liveaboard

the junk liveaboard

Destination: Similans / Surins (5 days, 6 nights)

* Prices
US$1,090 : single berth in a shared 4-berth cabin.
US$1,490 : private double cabin, price per person.
* plus entry fee for the National Marine Parks (currently 1400 baht per trip)

The June Hong Chian Lee is one of several junks built in Penang, Malaysia, and is a 30 meter, 140-ton, 3-mast junk with 330 square meters of sails.

Built in 1962 for charcoal transportation, the June Hong Chian Lee was part of a small merchant fleet that traded up and down the coastline from Burma to Malaysia. She was mainly used to transport mango-wood charcoal till 1985 then she was restored and redesigned for the first time to serve as a classic yacht.

The June Hong is constructed mainly from a hard teak wood called Takien Tong. Extremely strong, the wood is used for the three masts that rise 23 meters above the deck; 28 meters above sea level. The trees cut for the masts date back over 300 years.

The junk featured in movies as early as 1974 when she was still operational as a cargo vessel. Everybody remembers the James Bond movie "The man with the golden gun". At the end James escapes with his Bond-girl on a Chinese Junk, the "June Hong Chian Lee".

More recently (October 2000) she featured in the ZDF documentary "Das Weisse Gold". The director used the Junk to show what life must have been like, hundreds of years ago when Junks were the main mode of transportation in South East Asia.

The last project is a Hallmark production, the "Swiss Family Robinson" a remake of the famous movie by Walt Disney. The Junk featured as the "Albatross", the boat used by the pirates. The shooting finished in August 2001. And the movie was released at the end of 2001.


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