Burma (The Mergui Archipeligo)

This archipeligo is comprised of over 800 islands, running north of the Burmese-Thai border. Closed by the Burmese government in the 1940's, and opened as recently as 1997, the coast is vastly under-explored, and uninhabited, with only Moken (Burmese sea gypsies), inhabiting fishing villages during the year's kinder months. Much of the archipeligo is comprised of rocky outcropings that barely break the surface. The larger islands feature elevated interiors rich in primary rainforset fringed by mangrove forest and sandy beaches.

Some of the sites we visit include Black Rock, South and North Twin, Cavern Island, and Western Rocky, which feature divergent composition and coral life including Sea Fans, Table Corals, and abundant soft corals. Sea life can include Manta rays, Eagle rays, Blotched fantail rays, Cownose stingrays, Tawny and Indian nurse sharks and Grey reef sharks. Moray eels include green, zebra and white eyed. For the keen-eyed Harlequin shrimp, Harlequin ghost pipefish, Frogfish, Cowrie shells and Spiny lobster remain undisturbed.

PRICE (US Dollars)
5 days, 5 nights
$1,175 - $1,625
Prices include all meals, beverages (non-alcoholic), tanks, weights and torches.
* entry visa for Burma is currently US$140



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